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Exercising for a stronger body!


As I’ve gotten older, I don’t seem to be slowing down, well not much.  I walk at least 2 ½ miles most days of the week, sometimes more and on occasions not at all.  I like listening to podcasts or audiobooks while walking, and since 2020, I’ve listened to more 200 (I use the Libby app through the Philadelphia Free Library) audiobooks – fiction, non-fiction, health and mindfulness, etc. and walked an average of 10 miles a week. I have five to six walking paths to keep my walks interesting and I’m always discovering something new along the way. 

I especially love my walks in the Morris Arboretum. I get to enjoy plants like the Rose Garden, and art like the giant bird's nest along the way. It’s my favorite outing when friends visit. 

In addition to my walking, I joined Planet Fitness in order to get weight training in. Unfortunately, I was never able to schedule time with the trainer before the gym was closed due to the pandemic. When gyms were allowed to reopen, I decided to go to a much smaller boutique gym Smart Fitness Studio where I could work with personal trainer, Debra Williams when no other clients were present. I wanted to be stronger, especially in my upper body. I was starting to have trouble opening jars, and I was generally concerned about flexibility and muscle loss. This was spurred on by a discussion at one of my annual doctor’s visits.  One of the best decisions I made for optimal health because I always felt so much better and confidence after my workouts.

I like variety in my exercise, as I do in most things in my life.  I’m ready to get back to riding my bike.  This was a weekly activity in my sixties when I lived in Cambridge. I’d either ride the bike in the morning part way to work and lock and park it before taking the Red T one stop across the bridge or go for longer rides on weekends on Memorial Drive or the Rails to Trails. I purchased what I called my old lady “touring bike”, and it was perfect for shopping trips to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Now that I’ve move to Norwest Philadelphia, Mt Airy more specifically, I’ve taken it out less frequently; it’s just too hilly for my riding ability. I’ve enjoyed the neighborhood downhill jaunts and find myself pushing the bike back up the hill. I’ve held on the bike because I love the easy boarding.  I haven't decided if I should get rid of the bike and get a new one, an electric one or research to see if it’s possible to have my beloved converted to electric.  I’ll keep you posted on what my I learn and my decision. In the meantime, I’ll be riding on relatively flat terrain and just on nearby blocks.

I follow YouTube content providers especially when the weather is not idea, too cold and icy or lately, too hot. Some are HasFit for low impact workouts for seniors or Leslie Sansone's WALK sessions. I've also included water aerobics which is easy on my joints and allows me to get an excellent low-impact workouts. 

What are your exercise and workout routines? Keep adding challenges and variety to your workouts. This will help your body stave off age-related declines.  Staying physically active is a great way to Love the Body You’re In!