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I express my personality and style with the perfect accessories!

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Treating myself by buying something special that I can treasure for a long-time can is just as fun as receiving a gift from someone special. As an independent woman who wants to look good, and feel confident in what I'm wearing, there are some essential pieces of jewelry and accessories that I employ for the finishing touches. Some have been gifts and most I’ve purchased.

The Ring that I had to Own

Several years ago, I was shopping with my oldest daughter, Andrea in Rockport, MA and visited this jewelry shop. I forgot the name.  I fell in love with a ring that I couldn’t afford at the time. When I was able to purchase, it wasn’t available but others by the same designer were available. I found one the one shown here on the far right that I loved it even more; It’s designed with gold and silver filagree with small peridot stones. I wear this ring almost every day along with silver carnelian one on the far left (purchased in my 20’s almost 50 years ago).  You can see I prefer earth mostly stones. Whatever you like, get yourself to a jewelry store and find something that you love. Purchase a quality ring that’s beautiful and that you can happily wear every day.

 Necklaces that Light Up My Spirit

I have a collection of necklaces that are useful for everyday use or for special occasions. Sometimes, I just want to default to something that I’m happy to wear whenever and wherever; and it’s a necklace I always feel great wearing.  It’s great to have that one necklace or two or more that never lets you down. It could be a small pendant, but my most used and loved is the sterling silver antique (second from bottom) necklace. 

Earrings with Precious Simplicity 

I keep my everyday earrings on the night table and they're the first thing I put on even before putting on my glasses. My everyday go to are a pair of sapphire droplets. The sapphire represents joy, wisdom, and truth; qualities I aspire to possess along with benefiting from its healing benefits.  If you want to own a classic pair of earrings, diamonds, sapphires and pearls are generally the way to go; however, I like an eclectic selection which I will often switch from the more classic look to large and eye-catching look. Whatever your style choice is, invest in earrings that are elegant and sophisticated; they can also be understated or a little fancier. It’s worth investing in a really good pair of earrings that will last you forever and won’t ever let you down.

Shoes, Sneakers and Boots are made for Walking and Looking Great!

I can’t say enough about my passion (obsession) with shoes and boots. I wear a size 9 ½, so if I see a shoe or boot, I love, and it’s in my size, I buy it on the spot. No waiting for sales, etc. because I know it will be gone quickly. Due to a broken and shattered ankle several years ago, support is key for me, so I spend lots of time and effort searching for shoes that provide both style and comfort. These favorites take me where I need to go!

Silk Scarves that transform my look!

A silk scarf instantly elevates my look. A large square or rectangle silk scarf with a beautiful pattern can last for years; and I enjoy endless uses with the ones I own. It can be folded various ways and uses as a headband, wind protection for your hair, a splash of color around your neck, wrist, or handbag or even as a belt. While scarves go in and out of popularity, they’re never out of style.

Ron Stephens Jr-photographer

Gloves Making a Statement

While I wear gloves mostly for warmth, I love leather gloves in different colors. I must admit I have several left-hand ones because I keep losing the right hand one, so I’ve taken the turning them inside out and wear them under wool ones when I take my long winter walks. Wear them, make a statement and draw comments with your gloved hand!

Leather Belts, for me it's all about the Buckle!

Belts, like scarves, go in and out of style, but a dark, 1″ leather belt is a classic that will last you for years with proper care. I wear my favorite belts darning large antique or vintage buckles with jeans, dresses, and skirts to finish the ensemble look and to accentuate my waistline.

Handbags, Dress bags and Totes

A well-constructed leather bag in a simple style can take you to most day functions three seasons a year. If you opt for a color that goes with most of your wardrobe (black, brown, taupe), you can invest a lot, use it a lot, and get your money’s worth by the time you have to replace. A tote in a simple style will look fresh and appropriate with most of your wardrobe including – quite possibly – your business wear. I always mange to stuff too much in my totes. The crossbody is my go-to bag for ease and just moving quickly from place to place.

Evening is a time for dressing up and being elegant, so put on your heels and leave your big daytime bag at home. Evening clutches need to be large enough to carry credit cards, money, lipstick, and your keys, and can have a short chain handle that can be tucked in or left out. If you invest in one dark one and one light (or metallic) one, they should see you through years of use. I own a couple of ones that I’ve had for years, and they round out the elegant look.

 What are your fashion accessories?

Do you have a favorite handbag or tote that takes you through most days or do you change bags with each outfit?

If there’re things on my list that you don’t or won’t use, add your own must haves to the list.  

Use these suggestions as a guideline to cover your fashion accessory basics.

Don’t wait for other people to buy you jewelry. You deserve to buy something for yourself that you can wear with pride.