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In the Studio with Julia Turner Lowe


Welcome to the JTL Blog! Through this blog we will be getting to know Julia, the JTL Women, the JTL design process, and everything in between.

Tucked in an upstairs corner of her Mt. Airy home is Julia’s studio where each of her unique JTL designs come to life. Julia designs for a curvy, working woman that lives her life with a bold independence. Her designs and her studio are a clear reflection of herself – woman who took a leap of faith to start her fashion label at 67 after a successful career in finance. Julia’s studio is as bright and creative as she is. While she claims she is not a sewer, new hand-stitched samples line the clothing wracks along her walls. Amongst the racks are shelves filled with fabrics of all patterns and colors. Sketches are tacked to walls waiting for Julia to bring them to life.

For Julia, the work never stops which is evident in the many sewing machines placed around her studio. In spending mere seconds in this space, one is instantly transported into the pure joy that is evident in her designs. Julia says she designs for the versatile woman – a woman who is a leader in her community, well-respected, and highly motivated. Her designs have a simple elegance, and this elegance is reflected in both Julia herself and the space in which she creates.

Keep checking this space for updates from the JTL Designs team. What defines creativity to you? Leave us a comment below!