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JTL Designs Profile: Meet Keisha

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Meet Keisha Jones, our second JTL woman we have decided to highlight. Keisha is based out of New England and works full time as an early childhood educator in Boston. She is also a part time model and one of JTL Designs biggest fans. We sat down with Keisha to learn more about her journey and what defines her as a person. 

Keisha’s modeling journey began in the most authentic and genuine way possible. It all began when her now husband asked to marry her, and she began to think about all the elements that go into a wedding. 

“I needed the pieces of my wedding to feel like a touchpoint, there is something special about each part of this day for me.” 

Just like any other bride, one of the biggest focal points of a wedding is the dress. 

“Looking for a wedding dress is a daunting task which frightened me, I still wanted to feel a sense of myself within my wedding dress.”

 While she was planning her wedding, our very own Julia was on her own journey which Keisha describes as a “sense of discovery”. 

She adds “I was just so inspired by what she was doing at this point in her life, and I knew I wanted her, as a person I call family and a friend, to design my dress. That is how it all began”. 

Keisha’s most pivotal moment in her modeling journey occurred at Julia’s first fashion show. At the show, Keisha was in attendance as a friend, but she was mistaken as a model by another spectator who really believed she was a model and wanted to see her in the following year’s show.

 “In that moment I thought to myself “wow if someone else sees me in that way, why don't I see myself in that same way” That is when it switched for me and realized this is something I could do”

With a strong interest in modeling and a passion for early childhood education, Keisha has managed to intertwine both of her interests into her everyday life with the help of JTL Designs. 

Keisha considers herself to be someone that is always on the go, “I am a no fuss kind of a person, I like things that are easy, comfortable and interchangeable.”.

She needs clothing that takes her from her day in the classroom and transitions into going out to dinner. 

 “I need to know what I'm wearing can flow into my social life. That is what really has spoken to me with Juila and her designs.” 

JTL Designs clothes are able to seamlessly do that transition while remaining high fashion. JTL Designs aligns with Keisha personality as well. She describes her personality as “going and fun” and JTL Designs helps her express this while still being appealing yet sexy. 

“When I wear JTL designs I feel differently, therefore I walk differently, and people notice that and look at you differently.” 

JTL Designs has had such an impact on her life that her ultimate power look is composed of a JTL piece.  

“My one power outfit is a long JTL skirt that I wear with a simple Tee that I wear with a classic jean jacket and a pair of ballet flats. For me as a teacher that is a power look.  I feel like a powerhouse”

As a full figure model, Keisha believes it is important for any individual to feel comfortable in their own skin and get away from the classist system of what our society says beauty is and to show that it is okay to be yourself and be proud of who you are. She emphasizes that being comfortable in your own skin is about knowing that you are more than enough. To Keisha beauty and being beautiful does not pertain to an outward appearance. Beauty has a lot to do with spirit and the nature of who you are as a human being. 

“Our country is in the midst of a pandemic right now, seeing the amazing essential people on the front line like doctors, grocery clerks, and delivery people to me is beauty. Beauty is giving in the way that you can.” Keisha adds.

Kindness, compassion and giving back to others are traits that define Keisha as a person and make her beautiful. 

“I really feel like my goal as a human being on this planet is to be kind and thoughtful in all the ways that I can and to give back in the ways that I'm capable of.” 

Her kindness and generosity transcend into her work life as an educator.

“It is important to me that children see themselves. As a plus size woman of color, I really push to strive towards young girls of color to make sure they can see themselves in the world and be proud of who they are and where they come from.”. 

JTL Designs strives to empower women to feel their best while doing their best whether that’d be in the workplace or within their family life. The charisma and strength Keisha demonstrates as a person is exactly what the JTL brand is about.