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JTL Designs Profiles: Meet Rose

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JTL Designs prides itself on empowering women through modest yet youthful pieces that are rather timeless. JTL Designs mission of empowerment is seen throughout the intricate designs and the immediate smile upon those women who wear the clothing.

Rose Fields is one of the many women who encompasses what JTL Designs is focused on. As a full figure model, Rose captures the empowerment spirit that JTL Design strives for. 


In addition to empowering women, Rose believes that representation of all women is critical. When asked about the importance of being a full figure model stressed the importance of representation. 

“I believe it is important to have women of all different sizes and ages represented within the fashion industry, not just the size 0's.” The lack of body diversity in the fashion industry influenced Rose’s decision to become a model as a middle-aged woman. She has always felt a calling towards modeling but has steered away from it throughout her life. Rose finally decided to give into her urge after having an explicit calling in a dream. "I really think God has a hand in my modeling career; every time I think things are going wrong everything manages to be fine and dandy.” 

As she pursues her destiny, Rose tends to model for brands that relate to her personal sense of style. “I would describe my style as sophisticated, classy and true to oneself and I believe JTL Designs captures it perfectly.”

Rose enjoys how JTL Designs makes clothes for older women without sacrificing a chic sense of style. “JTL Designs doesn’t try to dress you like you are 20” The fashion pieces manage to capture women’s inner youth in a very elegant way which transcends through the clothing. Rose loves how grown up and sophisticated the JTL brand makes her feel.  Rose loves having her funny and quiet personality shine through her choice of fashion.

“I love feeling sexy in my clothes, not wearing sexy clothes, but wearing something that just makes feel good and confident.”

The power that clothes have is one of Rose’s favorite things about fashion and modeling.

“My ultimate power look is wearing something that helps my confidence shine through and posing for the camera while looking off to the side”.

Rose believes that there is something about clothes that manage to speak to one’s personality which in turn relates to one's beauty as well. According to Rose beauty means having a good personality and having an overall charm to yourself.

The powerful clothing provided by JTL Brands are more than just a piece of fabric.  The freedom, empowerment and sophistication provided by JTL are elements which relate to the JTL Designs woman resonate with. These features are what fuel Rose’s passion for modeling and her love for JTL Designs.