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Julia's Closet

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Julia’s Curated Closet

Curating my closet began early in my early teen years in Hattiesburg, MS; before I had my own closet, I knew I had to organize my clothes for optimal wearing flexibility. I owned two to three dresses for church, a few skirts and blouses for school, Sunday shoes, sneakers, and everyday oxfords. I complimented my wardrobe staples with accessories. My creative style emanated from how I blended my staples with my accessories. My outfits were paintings. My staples were the canvases, and my accessories were the paint. I created endless outfits.

Today my closet consists of quite a few more items but is organized in much the same way. I’ve created a perfectly tailored wardrobe to fit my lifestyle and inspire me to move comfortably and confidently throughout my day.

Here are some tips I use for organizing my very small closet and are suggestions for organizing on a limited budget. Of course, if your budget allows, go all out, but the organizing principles are the same.

  • Give some thought to what your personal style is. Your approach to dressing should express how you present and represent yourself. It’s personal! Is it classic, is it bold, casual, vintage or a combination? Your personal style is your external expression of your own unique beauty. For me, it’s the simple white shirt unbuttoned to just above the cleavage worn with a simple A-line or straight skirt or jeans and accessorized with just the right necklace, silver or brass bracelet, a bold buckled belt, boots, and the perfect pair of statement earrings. When I present, I feel sexy, powerful and ready to take on whatever lies in front of me! Try out different looks if you don’t already know your personal style(s)! Make sure it matches your lifestyle. 
  • Don’t get caught up in trendy clothing. Trends come and go and what you’re left with are items to be discarded after a season or two if you’re lucky. Look for quality clothes; they last. Focus on quality and not quantity. Over time, you’ll build the quantity of quality pieces for flexibility you desire. Take your time and look for quality pieces when they’re on sale. Quality doesn’t necessarily mean pricey, I suggest making a list based on where you want to start, shoes, dresses, outerwear, etc. I admit, my starting point and my splurge are on shoes; I have wide feet and my size 9.5 usually sells out quickly, so if I see a shoe or boot in my size that I think adds to my wardrobe, I buy it without hesitation. 
  • Know what works for your body type.  By all means, pursue what you love. I think it takes practice and a bit of courage to resist wearing every style that you see on TV or social media and to understand the fashion that works best for your body type and how you want to present. 
  • Do a closet purge! Let’s get started by doing a closet detox! Take everything out of the closet and drawers and put it on the bed. Mine is a hot mess. Even for me, reorganizing every couple of years is essential. Are the clothes in good condition? What haven’t your worn in a while, does it still fit, and do you still want or need to keep it? Does it still fit with your current lifestyle? Does it project the feeling and image you want to project? 
  • Compile three piles: NO, KEEP and MAYBE and begin sorting. Once sorted, place the KEEP (after trying on for fit) back in the closet. I sort by color but there are no set rules. Do the same process with jewelry, shoes and undergarments. This doesn’t have to have to be done all on the same day, week or season. My keeps are below:.

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