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Leading a Textured Life

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 When I first thought about writing this blog, my plan was to write about hair, more specifically how I spend hours running my figures through the curly soft lumps of my hair. It’s such an unconscious act of twisting and pulling and sliding my fingers through my hair that brings me so much comfort, a quiet joy of sorts.  Yet sometimes, my hair and all of its soft fuzzy texture goes in every direction but the one I want. I grow it long and then I decide I want it short; my textured hair makes me think about my life.

I am continually on a journey of self-discovery, and I realize it’s rich in experiences and relationships.  I think of myself as one who is open and honest and also one who acts with integrity and willing to listen or lend a helping hand when needed, I’m continually learning to express myself more clearly with the goal of developing more authentic relationships. I allow myself permission and the time to pursue my creativity and love of art while designing developing product for JTL Designs and also for my personal enjoyment.

Spending time with close friends is most important for me and key to my happiness!

I’m constantly exploring different aspects of myself:

  • the mental or intellectual by constantly reading, listening and learning and trying to understand new things,
  • the physical by pushing myself to do various activities like biking, swimming and walking and dancing-ballroom dancing is still on my bucket list,
  • the emotional by embracing and letting go of my fears and not allowing them to limit my interactions and by recognizing when to let go, to move on, and,
  • the spiritual by meditating, journaling, by reaching out and helping others and by finding comfort and a sense of peace in my solitary moments. 

I strive to live a life that is multidimensional; sometimes there is smoothness to the touch and at other times my life contains raggedness or roughness like the texture of a surface or edge that is irregular and uneven like a burl or a knot. I move through life’s journey giving myself permission to embrace all of who I truly am, sometimes reacting to what comes my way, but mostly creating by design, the textures of my life.

Love the Body You're In is my sharing how I've woven the different textures of my life to create a sense of comfort and joy! What does a textured life mean for you? What are your unique ways of creating your own joy?