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Stepping Out There


I’m stepping out in all my 5’ 2”, 225 lbs (on most days) with large hips swaying on thick thighs as I walk. What's more, I’m flaunting it all with pride! Maybe you can attribute my confidence to the fact that I grew up in the segregated south, where a beautiful black woman with a big “ass” was the rave and highly admired during my youth. She still is! I certainly felt beautiful then, as I do now.

I never personally experienced all the fat-shaming noise going around lately. But it has probably always been a thing, though I wasn't paying attention; I have to admit, I allowed that very same noise cause me to place undue stress for my younger daughter. Something I'll discuss in a later blog.

I’m Julia Turner Lowe, almost 72 years young and the CEO/Designer of JTL Designs. Part of my natural ability is sharing tips and caring about how one feels as one navigates through life's journey.

I have a passion for design, and I believe every woman, no matter her size, should look and feel her best, walk with strength and purpose and live a full and rich life.

So, I recently started a blog called Love the Body You're In for women of all sizes, shapes, and colors. But especially for the woman with a fuller body type.

I have to admit that I’ve been afraid to start this blog because I felt like it was me putting myself out there, especially where there are already so many great bloggers. Still, I’m constantly reminded by friends and my daughters (my biggest cheerleaders) that I do indeed have a unique and valuable perspective to share.

Therefore, I am so excited to invite you to subscribe to emails and follow me on Love the Body You're In so we can get to know one another better and keep in touch.

You’ll find:

  • Tips on lifestyle, cooking, fashion, and design. 
  • I’ll talk about relationships, especially our relationship with ourselves.
  • Health and beauty tips.
  • How to build a curated collection you love, shop for fashion on a budget, and find your style.
  • Travel tips about how to pack less with maximum flexibility and how to make your travel experiences as stress-free as possible and much more.

You’re ALWAYS welcome to Email with topics you’d like me to address on the blog, questions/advice, etc. I can't wait to hear your ideas.