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Paris, traveling to my happy place!


Paris, traveling to my happy place!

 For me traveling is always about meeting people, and hopefully establishing what will become a lasting relationship with at least one person. I was excited about my birthday trip to Paris because I would be spending my birthday as the French celebrate Fete Nationale also known as Bastille Day.

I traveled with my cousin, Lois

who gifted me a ticket on a business class airline, La Compagnie with champagne being served before I could buckle my seat belt.

Lois has traveled to pretty much every corner of the world, but never to Paris. It was so exciting to share my second favorite city with sister/cousin! Thanks to my friend, Farah, we stayed at Hotel Aiglon

 which was in a perfect location in the left bank for walking to restaurants, shopping and to a lovely gluten free pastry shop, Noglu Fr

Before going on this trip, I contacted a friend in New Orleans, whose friend Sylvia, lives outside Paris.  Sylvia was excited to drive in on my birthday for a celebratory birthday gathering. We decided to go to a small town, Sceaux to L'Antre Potes where I met these wonderful people, Sylvia and her husband Patrice, her friend, Luc, and her sister Seve. We had such an enjoyable and memorable evening.   

Yes, Lois and I did eat and drink our share of wine, cocktails and champagne, we went to Eiffel Tower, Muse d'Orsay 

and the Louvre, but our best time was spent hanging out with our new friends. So much so, that we ended up taking another trip out to Luc’s home in a small village, Granville sur Essonne for a “fish barbeque” and another evening of great fun and fellowship.  The grilled fishes, roasted vegetables and French pastries were superb!

I think the French know how to live, they enjoy food, they love deeply (we were constantly watching young and old couples hold hands) and appreciate culture; and they seem to have a simpler and more relaxed way of life. It’s also my kind of living.

Another stop on our list of things to do in Paris was to go hear some live music, more specifically jazz. Jazz pianist, Kenny Barron was playing at New Morning, in Paris’s 10th arrondissement, known for jazz, it also presents blues, groove, urban and world music.

 Our last night, we dined at La Coupole! It was a fantastic finale to my 72nd birthday trip!

If you’re traveling abroad or across the country, try to connect to the people and get off the main tourist path to discover some amazing things you can do to make your life exactly what you want it to be. Always work towards happiness, peace and achieving your goals. If Paris is on your list, check out these places.