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Meet Julia

Growing up in Mississippi in the 1960's,  Julia sewed her own clothes out of necessity since she was 13 years old. Julia has always loved fashion and when  she would see a style that she loved on TV or in a teen magazine, she'd find the fabrics to make the style for herself.  Even when Julia wasn’t sewing, she was always searching for the perfect blouse, skirt or dress to add to what has become the JTL classic look. As her sized changed over the years, her look remained simple and sophisticated with modern and timeless styling.  She purchased or sewed pieces made of luxurious and beautiful linens, cottons, silks or wools.

Julia has a passion for design and a belief that every woman, no matter what her size is, should be able to purchase clothing with exceptional craftsmanship and made with beautiful luxurious fabrics. Julia launched JTL Designs full figured plus size line to share her passion for self-expression and self-acceptance and to tap into the most authentic and amazing expression of every woman who wears a JTL garment!